How Tandem Skydiving Can Help you Skateboard Fearlessly

What is to be expected when performing Tandem skydiving?

Tandem skydiving takes place when a qualified skydiving instruction gets connected to the student by a harness. It allows the instructor to provide quality instructions to the student on a one-on-one basis during the whole process of skydiving. It is regarded to be a common training method which is utilized in this form of sport, as expectations are minimal from students, thereby making them to feel much safer.

Things to note

Los Angeles tandem skydiving

Before beginning Tandem skydiving, what the person an notice is that the equipments are much different than what is being used by the traditional skydiver. For example, there is use of drogue parachute, which deploys shortly on leaving the plane for slowing down velocity. Also, the main parachute is much bigger, ranging from 360 sq. ft and more. Since the parachute is to support two skydivers, it is termed to be necessary. Moreover, there is present reserve parachute according to the rules and regulations to be followed when skydiving combined with an auto activation device for deploying parachute if the skydiver gets into a free fall below specific altitude.

Things to expect when performing Tandem skydiving

  • Before engaging in this type of skydiving, one has to sign the waiver form.
  • Some gear is to be put on after meeting the instructor. It generally includes a harness, goggles and jumpsuit. Specific rules are outlined by the instructor as to how the plane is to be exited and proper body formation is to be done when diving.
  • The student would be taken to desired elevation. For making diving easy, the plane’s door could be left open. Jumping is to be done at specific time since landing spot has to be specific. Therefore, one cannot choose to jump too late or early. The ride is to be expected to last for about 20 minutes on an average and it can be mostly loud and cold.
  • Jumping heights also can be selected that is naturally between 9,000 – 14,000 feet.
  • The jump is likely to be more to be a roll instead of a jump. The instructor and student are to sit on the plane floor and inch slowly towards the door until sitting at its edge. When the time is right for executing tandem sky drive, diving positions are to be assumed, so as to safely perform the act.

Following the above as well as other safety precautions as specified by the instructor, it is possible to have a thrilling and exciting Tandem skydiving trip. 

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