How to Do a Kick Flip on a Skateboard

Thousands use a skateboard to do all sorts of tricks and fancy moves that are spectacular.  Anyone who skateboards will find that this is such an appealing sport because it offers something that very few other activities do.  However, there are many who want to try some fancy tricks such as a kick flip on their skateboards which isn’t an easy task.  This is a hard trick to get right, so how to do a kick flip on a skateboard?

Get Your Feet Right

First and foremost, the foot position must be perfect in order to get the right height and distance with a kick flip.  For those using a longboard, they need to ensure they are getting their feet positions right.  So, one foot needs to be placed to the back of the board and the other needs to be slightly hanging off the board.  This can be difficult so for those who struggle with their balances, should try on a flat and softer ground just in case they fall.  Working on the balance can be difficult but once the feet are right, getting balance isn’t too difficult.

Getting the Motion Right

Now comes the tricky part; the feet can be in the right position but if the motion isn’t done right then there will be problems.  The back foot needs to be stamped down on the longboard and then the front ankle needs to be flicked so that the kick flip motion is created.  This part can be tricky because it’s all done within a split second of one another so it needs to be clean and smooth to ensure the trick pays off.  It can take a while to get used to this so it might be worth getting in a lot of practice with this part.

Land Right

Both feet need to land on the skateboard in order to land correctly.  Now, this isn’t easy because skateboarders can easily freak out and get confused and even miss the board so it will take a few attempts to get perfect.  However, when the board has flipped, it’s important to stamp the feet down onto the board so that when it lands, it lands on its wheels and hopefully, it keeps the skater on their feet.

Get Lots of Practice

This is not an easy trick to attempt and it will take a lot of practice even if someone gets it perfect on the first attempt.  That could just be luck so it’s important to run through the trick again and again so that things go to plan.  It isn’t easy but it can be made much easier when skateboarders get a lot of practice.  Of course, having a sturdy skateboard is important too and most of all, no one can be afraid of their skateboard otherwise they won’t master the trick.  Most of all stay safe.

Achieving the Trick

There are plenty of fancy tricks to learn when skateboarding but it will be important to learn one at a time and master if before moving onto the next.  These aren’t easy tricks to master and they can be very dangerous so it will be wise to take some time out to learn these properly.  It doesn’t need to take months, but they should be practiced.  This is important for everyone’s safety and use a good strong skateboard too.

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