Some Cautionary advices for Taking up Skateboarding

There are many popular sports one of them is boarding. Like other sports skateboarding also has some disadvantages and many risks are also attached with it. But it doesn’t mean that one should not go for it. Before going further for boarding’ one must know the downside of it. It people do not follow the instructions properly then it can bring lifetime suffering for them. Whether you are using longboard, snowboard or skateboard  you must have some know how that how to use them in a proper way.


skateboarding may cause disabilities

It is reported that every year more than 50000 injuries are treated due to wrong skateboarding. Both skateboarding and long boarding can cause disabilities. Nature of injuries differs in many ways’ some injuries heal very quickly and leave no lasting effect but can cause disabilities, severe pain and anxiety as well. Some skateboarding accidents are very severe as they can cause loss of eyesight, hearing, thinking, speech etc. Here are some suggestions for skateboarders which they can keep in mind during skate and in this way they can minimize the risk of accident:

Skateboard safety:

  • safety equipment :Like every other sport’ skateboarding also requires some safety equipment. Skateboarders, hould use proper shoes, helmet, cup for boys, shin guards, elbow guards, wrist guards, as available in If someone skate too much then he/she must use heavy duty equipment.
  • One must use skateboards of some good quality.
  • Boarding is such a sport in which people use different skits but one should not try to perform the tricks beyond the abilities.
  • Be careful when you cross the jumps.
  • Every sport needs efforts and practice. If you want to be good in skateboarding then you have to practice a lot. Choose such a place for practice where there are adults to guide you and from that place you can get an easy access to emergency services in case of some accident.
  • One must not use skateboards during wet weather or to the place where there is too much gathering. Skateboarders should not sun after the vehicles as it can bring accident.
  • Boarding in streets is not a good idea as during skate many drivers will not notice you.
  • One must not use cell phone or headphones during boarding as you will not be able to listen to others.
  • Homemade ramps are not a good idea and only one person should ride a board at a time.
  • While boarding one must be aware of what to do in case of any emergency.
  • Learn carefully that what to do in different situations like how to turn and to slow down. In case you lose the balance then directly you will fall down. To keep the balance try to bend your knees and crouch down as it will reduce the chances to fall.

Children should not use skate in earlier ages but if they want to use skateboards then they must use them under the supervision of adults.


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