What are the Top 5 Dangers in Skateboarding?

The dangers in skateboarding can be many especially if you do not practice with safety. There are many dangers that you face when you combine wheels, movement, in a hard surface such as cement or pavement. No matter how much safety you practiced and no matter how advanced your skill level, there are still many dangers in skateboarding.

We will take notice of the top 5 dangers in skateboarding. Be a smart and safe skateboarder.

The Top 5 Dangers in Skateboarding

1. The first top danger in skateboarding is not being aware of the dangers in skateboarding. Be well educated in the dangers it brings.

2. The second top danger in skateboarding would be not wearing a safety helmet along with not wearing other safety gear and not adhering to safety rules. Dangers in skateboarding include not having safety gear in good shape, especially your helmet. A head injury can be the most serious of all skateboarding injuries.

3. The third top danger in skateboarding would be to skateboard in areas not conducive to skateboarding, such as in vehicular traffic. A skateboard is no match for an automobile. Do not do skitching, which means you are hitching a ride with your skateboard holding onto the back of a moving vehicle, such as a car.

4. The fourth top danger would be skateboarding where your vision is obscured, and you cannot see where you are skateboarding. Do not blindly fly around the corner when you do not know what is there. Do not leap at a high speed which is already dangerous, onto something you have no idea of what you are going to land on. It is like jumping into an empty swimming pool. What if there is a metal stake sticking out of the ground? DO NOT SKATEBOARD IN THE DARK unless you are in a well kept and well lighted place made especially for skateboards. Something as simple as a crack in the sidewalk can catapult you into the air either to land on a cement hard surface or in front of oncoming traffic.

5. The fifth top danger in skateboarding would be to make homemade ramps and stuff to do your tricks and moves. It is not reliable to make homemade equipment to ramp off. The ramp could slide or break. There is nothing to grab hold off when you are flying through the air preparing to hit a hard surface. Nothing to slow you down. It is best if you do skateboarding stunts and tricks in a place made especially for such, where you know it is clean and well constructed.


The Top 5 Dangers in Skateboarding Sound Scary Because They are Scary

Use good sense when it comes to skateboarding and chances are you will not have to meet the dangers in skateboarding. Sure, you may take a few spills that hurt very badly, much like when you were learning to ride a bicycle. As long as you have your helmet on, you will be fine.go to the website http://toptencollections.com/top-10-dangerous-sports-in-the-world/ for more details.

Don’t attempt to do any new skills until you feel you are ready and help the little guys along, who are new to skateboarding. Be a safe and smart skateboarder, there are many dangers lurching out there waiting for the unaware.

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